The Behavior Code Companion

Strategies, Tools, and Interventions for Supporting Students with Anxiety-Related or Oppositional Behaviors
The Behavior Code Companion

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Since its publication in 2012, The Behavior Code: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Teaching the Most Challenging Students has helped countless classroom teachers, special educators, and others implement an effective, new approach to teaching focused on skill-building, practical interventions, and purposeful, positive interactions with students who have mental health disorders.

Based on the previous book’s success, author Dr. Jessica Minahan has written this companion guide for educators seeking additional guidance for creating and implementing successful behavior intervention plans (“FAIR Plans”) for the students teachers worry about the most: those with anxiety-related or oppositional behaviors.

Minahan takes readers step-by-step through the process of understanding and practicing the components of a FAIR behavior intervention plan so that they or a team can immediately customize it and put it to work in classrooms. Additional tips on creating interventions and checklists to help with implementation and monitoring progress are also included.

Packed with brainstorming and reflection exercises, planning activities, templates, case studies, recommended apps, and other technology resources, The Behavior Code Companion will help educators create optimal classroom environments for all students.

Jessica Minahan translates complex knowledge about challenging behavior so that teachers and administrators have tools and strategies they can immediately implement. The Behavior Code Companion is a game changer that will help all schools who think they have run out of ideas.
Michael Cordell

chief academic officer, KIPP DC

The Behavior Code Companion provides hope for teachers who are feeling hopeless. Minahan provides so many creative and reasonable ways to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles that she makes me want to go back to public school teaching! What a much better place schools would be if all school personnel and mental health professionals used this book!
Jeannie Golden

psychologist and associate professor, East Carolina University

The Behavior Code Companion offers brilliant insight into mental health issues in the form of practical, research-based interventions teachers can actually implement.

Vaughn C. Kauffman

former director of special education, Helena, Montana

The Behavior Code Companion is an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, administrators, and related service providers, filled with tools that allow for effective and positive modification of challenging and interfering behaviors while preserving the child’s dignity. Jessica’s strategies will surely support child success in and outside of the classroom.

Alexandra Cron

special education teacher, New York City

The Behavior Code is filled with clear and effective intervention strategies designed to identify target behaviors and build skills needed for success. As an outgrowth of the need for continued professional development for RtI teams, the author wrote The Behavior Code Companion. This book was written to assists educators with real life situations that allows teams to practice isolating specific behaviors and discuss modifications to the student’s environment paired with instructional variables. Multidisciplinary teams throughout our district have found this approach as an essential resource when continuing their own growth in customizing an individual students FAIR plan.

Ruth Uecker

Assistant Superintendent K-6, Great Falls Public Schools

Teachers throughout our school system have found The Behavior Code strategies and interventions to be highly effective in supporting students with mental health issues. The Behavior Code Companion adds tremendously to any educator’s tool box as it provides real, concrete and doable strategies and interventions, including activities, exercises and tools. This book offers essential, easy to implement, professional development for every teacher struggling with inappropriate student behavior.

Heather D. Larkin, Ed.D., LMH

Assistant Superintendent for Special Education & Student Services, New Bedford Public Schools